Accommodation Lviv. Rent apartments in Hotel Lviv, Lvov, L'viv, Lwow, Lwiw. Renting flats, rooms, real estate

Accommodation Lviv. Rent apartments in Hotel Lviv, Lvov, L'viv, Lwow, Lwiw. Renting flats, rooms, real estate

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Apartments in Lviv

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    Rent one-room apartments
Accommodation Lviv. Rent apartments in Hotel Lviv, Lvov, L'viv, Lwow, Lwiw. Renting flats, rooms, real estate

price 25$ (25$)


  • internet
  • king size bed
  • satelite TV, WI-FI Internet
  • shower cabine
  • microwave
    Rent two-room apartments
Accommodation Lviv. Rent apartments in Hotel Lviv, Lvov, L'viv, Lwow, Lwiw. Renting flats, rooms, real estate

price 40$ (35$)


  • 2 separate bedrooms
  • balcony
  • internet
    Rent three-room apartments
Accommodation Lviv. Rent apartments in Hotel Lviv, Lvov, L'viv, Lwow, Lwiw. Renting flats, rooms, real estate

price 30$ (30$)


  • Internet Wi-Fi
  • air-condition
  • hot tub
  • microwave oven
  • satalite TV


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Accommodation Lviv. Rent apartments in Lviv (Lvov, Lwow, Lwiw)

Daily rent of apartment is the main profile of our activities.

For now hotel business in Ukraine is not yet developed well. Thats why accommodation in hotel usually is too expensive for that quality that it provides. But there is a good alternative accommodation in daily rent apartments. Daily rent of apartments in Lviv is the most convenient accommodation of tourists, businessmen and other visitors of Lvov city. Almost all of our flats are located in the center of the city, in historical part of Lviv. Accommodation in apartment gives you feeling living like at home, more room and living comfort. We have good experience in accommodation of tourist of our city and very happy to see our permanent guests coming back to us again and again and writing to us good reviews. Even if we are not able to propose you our own apartment for specific period we will always help you with accommodation in apartments of our partners that provide good service. At least we always ready to give you recommendations advises in questions of accommodation in Lviv.

Lviv (Lvov, L'viv, Lwow, Lwiw) is located at the western part of Ukraine, at the border of Euro Union. Lviv is the historical and cultural hart of Ukraine. Over quarter of all Ukrainian memorials in UNESCO are located in Lviv.

We are the owners of all properties that you can see on this website. By dealing with us you can safe money because you dont have to pay to mediator. Also you would pay 3-4 times more for same room in hotel next door.

Every year we pay more and more attention to the quality of apartments for rent, and to the serves that we provide. We perfectly know all flats and take care of all them so we can pick the most perfect choice for your needs. We will be in touch with you during all period of your staying in our flats and will be ready to help you in all problems you might have. European design clean rooms and perfect service will make warm and home surrounding for you, and will make your staying in Lviv (Lvov, L'viv, Lwow, Lwiw) comfortable and safe.

All our activities are absolutely legal. Each tenant will receive all documents that confirm flat rent and payment of services. For your wish we can meet you at the airport, train or bus station and transfer you to the apartment that you have booked. Also we can help you with additional information about Hotels in Lviv (Lvov, L'viv, Lwow, Lwiw).

Advantages that you going to get by dealing with us:

  1. Hotels rooms are more expensive
  2. In a flat you can have real homelike atmosphere that you will never have in a hotel
  3. No mediators
  4. Location at the center of the city (its historical part)
  5. High quality of apartments
  6. Additional services: transfer from/to airport, bus station, train station
  7. Safety
  8. Real room pictures of flats
  9. Payment receipt

Welcome all guests to visit Ukraine and Lviv city and spent excellent time in our flats.



As a real jewel of Eastern Europe, Lviv (Lvov, L'viv, Lwow, Lwiw) resembles an open-air museum, it houses 2,000 historic and cultural monuments. Lviv is one of the most ancient, original and beautiful cities of Ukraine. It was founded in the middle of the 13th century by Danilo Galicky, Prince of Volyn-Galicia, and named after his son Lev.

The ancient part of Lviv is a true historical-architectural museum with hundreds of historical monuments, dozens of architectural ensembles, individual buildings which bear traces of styles of different periods. Along the modern buildings they render the city a peculiar charm, a specific coloring. The central part of the city averaging 97 hectares was turned into a historic-architectural preserve. Over 110 historical-architectural monuments of extreme artistic and town-building value were declared Government-protected. Among them is an ensemble of dwelling houses in Rynok Square; relics of military structures-Gun Powder Tower, City and Royal Armories; specimens of fortified cult structures-Mikolaivska, Onufrievska and Piatnitska churches; Korniakt Tower and Armenian and Polish cathedrals. The fountains and sculptures of Neptune, Adonis, Diana and Amphitrite are all encircled by the square's old walls.

In twenty museums of the city stored unique collections of history, culture and art relics which reconstruct the history of the Western Ukraine from ancient times to nowadays.

Today's Lviv (Lvov, L'viv, Lwow, Lwiw) is a treasury of national ideas and culture it is an economic, educational and cultural centre of western Ukraine. A grandiose Lviv opera house offers a full season of opera and ballet. Lviv houses 12 higher education establishments and has a reputation as a city with high level of culture. One the oldest Central European universities and the first Ukrainian University are located here in Lviv. Though Lviv is famous not only as a cultural and educational centre, it is also a centre of entrepreneurship. Due to advantageous economic environment 166 businesses operate in Lviv, and 333 in Lviv oblast. Almost 11 percent of all investment in Ukraine has been absorbed by Lviv enterprises. And their amount increases year by year.

There is much to attract the visitors eye and the inquisitive mind in Lviv (Lvov, L'viv, Lwow, Lwiw) . But if you can spare the time, go down its streets, through its squares and shady parks, its boulevards and you will feel the rhythm of ancient city.